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What is Tenuri-gihou handiwork?


There are 2 basic steps to make Hida-Shunkei. First, we cut, plane, and shave various kinds of wood to shape the pieces. Second, we paint lacquer on the wood. In the second step, the craftspeople who paint lacquer make sure their workspaces are temperature- and humidity-controlled to properly cure the lacquer.

True Hida-Shunkei has a sticker on a cover box. This sticker tells us that the Hida-Shunkei is hand-applied by a traditionally trained craftsperson. It is known as Tenuri-gihou (hand-applied) handiwork. Sadly, there are some Hida-Shunkei pieces that have been sprayed with chemical varnishes. They are poor imitations of the real thing and should be avoided.

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